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Thank you Kerstin for the homemade fruit juice!

Fresh and tart 👍

Homemade fruit juice😋

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New style again for my son Christopher!

Beach waves😍

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Beutiful Blue sky on the morning run!

I love it 😍

Blue sky 😎

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Back to Örebro to bye some presents!

Somebody will have a birtday this week 😉

Morning train 🚊

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Sunny champange lunch at Ingarö 😍

So lovely 🤗🌸

Ingarö ☀️

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40s-party and midsummer😊

Wish you all the best🌸

Happy midsummer🌸

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My man makes me dinner😍😋

Private chef👌

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Soon he arrives to Sweden😍

And we will enjoy the Swedish summer and each other❤️

On his way❣️

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Thank you my friend 🤗

Strawberrys and go...

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Coffe and rasberry pie!

The best view😍
What a nice place you have Tinka😀

Go fika😋

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Grand openining of Örebros outdoor Art installation, Open Art 😍

Open Art 🎏

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Celebrate my mothers birthday 💐

Lunch, rose wine and sunshine 🍷😎

Birthday 🎂

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Dressed up for white party with the ladies 👌💃🏿

White party 😀

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Outdoor walk with my father i law!

Thanks for lunch and flowers 🤗

Nature is beutiful😍

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Bad start on this day

But the end of it was great 😀
Release party for Sister in arms 😍
Tänk om, at Spotify!

Release 🎤

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Clean and redy for use!

Just missing the sun☀️
Thank you Alexander for the help 😀