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This evening I spend in my friend Stinas sofa😊. 

Including dinner and cat company😁

A nother sofa!

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Today I was able to take a walk all by my self, 20 minutes💪😀

20 minutes walk👍

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Missing a great party for a very good friend tonight!

Not well enough jet
Have the best time Ulrika💝

Feeling sorry😥

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Sleeping infront of the TV! 

Lucky we have two sofas😂

Lazy friday😴😴

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In the sofa with a bowl of licorice👍😋

And Jonas is taking care of me😍

Time for recovery!

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Today I try the summer top☀

Little coold!

Hospital collection, ...

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Today I got the blue dress😂

The hospital collecti...

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Time for the hospital again!

Surgery day!

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Christopher going gray!

Makeover 2

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Jacob going dark

Makeover 1

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The third day of Alexanders celebration!

Today with my family and his fathers family

Last day of celebrati...

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Skriv inläggstext 

I miss my man❤

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Today my youngest son becomes 18🙃

Small is Big 😍

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Cheers for Alexander 18 tomorrow🍾

Pre celebrating😜

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My first shirt from my sons clothing brand "Keum"

Keum collection😀

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ProPud😋 Great after a workout💪💪

Refilled the fridge👍