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Thank you Christopher and Oscar for the help! 👏🏼👏🏼

New business card!

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Had a great lauhter at the shop today, trying out hair ribbons😂

Fun shopping😂😂

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Amanda took us to this fantastic flower maket!

Huge 😮😀

Flower market🌺

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Celebrating my husband is back and the summer feeling!

Lobster lunch with chop sticks 😂😋


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Ningbo museum telling the history of the Ningbo area😊

Ningbo museum

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Put on the mask for todays morning walk!

Bad air for sensit...

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Dressed up for skandinavian evening,

Great italian food 😋👏🏼

Skandinavian dinner!

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Took the wrong bus again😂

Bu I got company waiting for the right one!
Almost like a doll😍

Girls waiting for ...

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Preparing for all the sons arrival!👏🏼👏🏼💓

More towels and beds neded!

Big family 😍

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Suddenly there stands a Chinese in pyjamas i front of you 😂. 

At Starbucks!!

In pyjamas at Star...

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A walk in the rain and then Thai lunch with Rosa 😁

It was worth it 😋

Thai lunch😋

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Nice walk with Kris!

We miss you Jonas 😘

Morning walk🏃🏻‍♀️

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Nice saturday night with friends 😀

Dinner and drinks!

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Made some friday feeling for my 

husband ❤

Friday feeling😍

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So sweet! We met her at the morning walk 😀

Baby dog 😍

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Visiting Tonys show room!

Very interesting 😀

Study visits!