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I lost one of my running shoes yesterday

But today I found it under the bike stand 😀

It's back👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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Finish our stay at Smögen with an ice cream😋

ByeBye Smögen❣️

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Dinner with Gabis lovely family 😀

Big family😍

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To Bovallstrand with Pers boat for lunch🌊😀

Thanks for the trip🤗

Boat trip!

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Lunch stop in Trollhättan on our way to Smögen👍


Luxury lunch😋

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Today was not a god day

A lot of strange things happend
Even the lunch was strange 😱

Strange day!

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Looking at a movie and notice that they are speaking Chinese!

I enjoy and feeling happy!
Have I become a Chinese 😱😂😂

Zhong guo de yu yan😱

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Enjoyed yesterdays sunny night with dinner in the city😋🥂

Summer night city ☀️

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Helped my friend with her wedding hair on her big day❣️

Wedding hair💘

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Took Jonas to the airport!

Now he is on the way home to Ningbo!
Miss him already❣️❤️

Fly again🛫

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Last supper with my husband for a wile!

I will miss you my man 😍

Miss you❣️

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Time to look for a new car for my father in law!

New conditions, new car👍

New conditions!

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One Life ❣️

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Finaly my hands and feets got some love😊

Nail fix👍

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So great to see all the children mixed together, small ones and big ones😍

Wonderful kids😍

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Celebrating the "Godfather" and almost all the family on Jonas side 

Happy bithday to you🤗🎂

The Godfather!