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After shopping and a very late lunch, we are on the train back to Ningbo 😊

On the train 🚝

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Great day, lovely evening😊

So happy Tesa is here😍

Good night Shanghai!

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Crowded at the trainstation today!

Took only 40 minutes to by tickets to Shanghai 😅
Will get my friend Tesa at Pudong airport😍

Get in line!

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Today we visit a farm for plants!

Country side🌿🎋

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Exiting day on Canton fair

So huge 😱
Byers from all over the world under the same roof!

Canton fair!

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On our way to Canton Traid fair 😀

Guang zhou!

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So everybody have left, feeling lonely!

Try to get back in shape. 
Start with the feets😊

From Hero-Zero 😱

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The Chinese are very intrested in my family😁

Opposite attract!

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Great day at Fenghua Xikou Xuedou mountain!

Big Budda!

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Today I am the tour guide for the Shanghai shopping trip 😁

Tour guide 😂

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Great first day with my parents, sisters, sons and their familys🤗😎♥️

Everybody 😍

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Soon taking the Seoultrain back to Ningbo after an interesting visit in Korea

Seoul train💃🏿🚊😂

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Almost next door to our hotel we found a Swedish resturant; Hemlagat

Taste great😋
Sill och nubbe 😍
Meatballs with mashed potatos
Last but not least, Marängswish 😱

Hemlagat in Seoul 😋

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All in for traditional Korean food!

Korean lunch😋

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Hanriver bike tour and night market!

All together 😀

Exploring Seoul 😍

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Waiting for our flight to Seoul!

Delayed 😬