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Went to IKEA today. 

Almost like Sweden! Meatballs and mashed potatoes 😀

A feeling of 🇸🇪

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Making dinner for Kris and Kami in their new apartment❣️

Vegan soup 😋

Im the Chef😁

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First time at the gym since January😱

No AC, too hot but fun 😅

Exhausted 😅

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We have blue sky in Ningbo😀

Something has happend...

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Styling and dinnerparty for Kami at her birthday🎉🎂

Kamis birthday🎂

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Laundry and cooking😱

But a little different😀
Today my husband makes men lunch ❤️

Same, same

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Got upgraded at the flight to Shanghai👍

Very nice😁🥂


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Time to leave for Ningbo!

Travel day🛫

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Cleaning up before leaving this perfect apartment!

Thank you for having us❣️

Time to clean👍

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I feel very lucky to have all this nice and handsome men in my family😍

And to be blessed with the greatest partner Gabi for my oldest son❣️

My big family😍

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Skriv inläggstext 

Someones birthday🎂

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Games, food and the best of people❣️

Crayfish party 🎉

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So time for the X-ray!

Let's see what they find!


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Tidy up my teeth, my feet and the body in between. To look my best when I pic up my man😉

Top to toe👍

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Three days left until I will pic up my husband at Arlanda😍

Three days❣️

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Started to pack my things today.

Still 10 days left, but the countdown has started!