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This is the lunch resturant at the office

Very effective, less cozy

Lunch time!

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Sunday walk with love n Ningbo💞

Sunset walk😊

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Crayfish party, Swedish style😍🎉🍻🥃

Crayfish party🙃

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Friday lunch at Din Tai Fung!

Dumplings, veggis and ladies😋

Ladies lunch😀

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Good activity for a rainy day😀


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Sending all my love to my family❣️

You will recive if you are in need ❤️❤️❤️

Love needed💞

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Dubbel sized fridge and and ice machine👍

Good things for a party😜

New kitchen items😁

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All cars are parked on the sidewalk, 

so we have to walk in the middle of the street😯
Why not park in a parking lot? 
Becouse that costs money, 
but no fines for parking on the sidewalk🙃😱

What's wrong?

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Finaly we got the pictures on the wall!

Old and new ones😀

Wall of family😍

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Crayfishparty in Shanghai!

Super nice to make new contacts

Swedish Chambers of c...

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Visiting Ålö factory in Ningbo!

Very intetesting👍

Study visit😃

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A good book and som time at the coputer.

Then dinner and a beer at Bruces!

Soft day🙃